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Fashion businesses and fashion designers have all struggled to get the correct skills and knowledge to start sustainable business in Bahrain.Lack of infrastructure poses threat for the development of new products. Access to raw materials with low cost supply chain and financial support to grow business seems impossible for the fashion startup to get. As there is no bridge between the producer as well as the market it seems difficult for the fashion entrepreneurs to be part open trade system.The solution is to provide pre-incubation to new business ideas based on the community and the personnel requirement of the people in a specific region. A pre incubator helps in developing business ideas with relevant skills needed to start your own sustainable business entity, which can give unprecedented growth to the economy of the country.

Bahrain Fashion Incubator programs and services include a pre-incubation initiative ”Dilmun Star”, incubation program “Designer in Residence”, Master classes, enterprise support, and community outreach programs. Through these programs, BFI offers technical product development, business tools, global fashion network connection and access to funds to entrepreneurs so they can create innovative viable brands, build capacity and launch globally competitive businesses. Ultimately, building a thriving fashion eco-system in the region.The 9 month Program mentors, trains, and equips around 20 aspiring fashion designers to produce innovative capsule apparel collections. It combines quality fashion design education and entrepreneurship training with predetermined themes: heritage, environmental sustainability and technology to stand apart from the competition. And make self-sustainable fashion business startup.Bahrain fashion Incubator is working to introduce new methods to accelerate fashion business like imparting workshops community outreach, textile craft initiative etc. to make the local population productive in boosting startups and competitive skills. The aim is to make interdependent economy.

We now need to rethink our place in the global value chain and identify new sources of future economic strength, as GCC region is looking for new sustainable business to strengthen the economy. As a result, innovation and productivity have become critical sources of competitive advantage. It the right time to integrate rural economies with the global economy. Exposing the startups to global enterprises and transparent supply chain. Giving them technology and innovative skills to make sustainable fashion business to help the country to achieve the future vision for the betterment of the community.



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