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Pristine Agritech Recycling is a business idea that was borne out of the problems of garbage waste and smelly dump sites as well as the problems of plant yield and agriculture. Garbage waste can have adverse effects on humans and animals if not properly handled and disposed of which is why we've stepped in to collect this waste materials via our mobile app where people can notify us of the weight of their waste while we come to pick them up from around the city, thereby making it cleaner and healthier and also taking these gathered waste materials to a proposed site where we shall sort through the waste and gather up raw materials like kitchen waste, food garbage, garden waste, straw, livestock manure and cake feeds that would be allowed to ferment for five to seven days , then we deodorize the waste and allow it to decompose properly for another ten to fifteen days which would then transform to compost or organic manure that would be sold to farmers for application on both plants and soil.

Organic fertilizers are useful because they prevent erosion, serves as pesticide, helps as fertilizer and conditions the soil also they are very easy to use, they help both the plant and soil and are very ecofriendly as opposed to inorganic or synthetic fertilizers.

It is disheartening to know that one in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria. According to UNICEF 10.5million in Nigeria are out of school and 80% of this children are in northern Nigeria which is where our business is situated, we plan to empower 100,000 children every year by employing them and at the same time sponsored them in school



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