Pro-viden Aquaculture Monitoring System

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Approximately 90% of the world’s fish stocks are already seriously depleted. Pollution and increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the atmosphere are also a significant threat to marine life. This is why FAO considers aquaculture as the fastest growing food-producing sector. Aquaculture also serves to reduce transport between the oceans and the food table, by farming the fish closer to the urban areas, thus, reducing the amount of fish that get spoiled on this journey.

However, the main problem with aquaculture is having a big concentration of fish in a smaller volume of water. This can cause diseases and lead to an excessive use of antibiotics. So, we asked ourselves: How can we allow aquaculture farmers to produce fish away from the oceans, while maintaining and controlling the optimal conditions in the water?

This is why we created Pro-viden, a real-time monitoring system of water parameters, which can move autonomously throughout the water and perform measurements at different depths. The farmer has access to them remotely and at all times through our mobile application and web platform. When the level of one of these parameters moves out of their optimal range, a preventive notification is sent to him so he can take proper measures and avoid a loss of production or an overuse of antibiotics. Additionally, the user has access to graphs and detailed reports, which are processed by our AI.

Pro-viden brings the ocean closer to the food table, so that people can benefit from lower prices, less chemicals and a better fish distribution, allowing us to have sustainable and healthier fish for all.



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