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The lack of capacity for efficient conditioning, handling and storage, of various products and goods is a serious hindrance to competitiveness in the modern world of global trade. The logistics platform project described in the attached pdf is a pilot project aimed at addressing this issue by the development of modern warehousing infrastructure that will address the specific needs of local business communities. Whoever travels in Africa cannot miss the amount of wasted locally produced goods due to a lack of good conditioning practices as well as the absence of transport infrastructure and equipment necessary to get the goods to both national and international markets. This is a private sector initiative whose objective is to create a scalable and reproducible model for developing state of the art, environmental friendly investment grade infrastructure that that has already demonstrated appeal to institutional as well as high net worth individuals both on local and international financial markets.

We believe our approach addresses three of the Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity challenges because it involves:

  • improving access to sustainable and healthy food by providing local crop producers the assurance of proper conditioning, handling and storage of their products,
  • inclusiveness in trade by improving the doing-business environment by considering all stakeholderneeds(both private and public) in the design of our facilities,
  • considering climate change by designing and building energy efficient, and environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Our team is a network of mostly western educated and experienced professionals who are engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, financiers, researchers, communicators, marketing professionals and more allcommitted to contribute to the development of their continent with the skills and knowledge they've acquired abroad.

We are seeking seed investment as well as hands-on mentoring for the set up and operation of the project finance deal and the private equity fund.



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