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Project Global Access is implementable as it is a wholistic fusion of similar projects that have succeeded commercially and were built upon same operational principles upon which Project Global Access is structured.


Project Global Access operational model is ready for any location on earth as it is covered by a satellite and since the Internet translation functionality is automatic users of project global access partner provider Web content and services need not worry about the availability of Web content or service in their default language since the system automatically translates web content or service into the default language of mobile Internet device accessing in real time

Alignment (to challenge)

Project Global Access exists to reduce the global digital divide created by high cost of Internet, geographical location and language barrier and the project also seeks to boost digital literacy by the partnership with successful global Open Educational Resources (OERs) providers specifically Project Global Access seeks to :

provide affordable and reliable internet access to underserved areas, marginalized households and schools.

enable mobile broadband internet access to the greater number irrespective of gender or any other socio-economic challenge

support multilingual availability of internet based service / content through automatic translation into any of the 10 major languages of the world.

Innovative Approach


Global Mobile Telecommunications Partnership:

A Public Private Partnership of National Governments, mobile telecommunication providers, Non profits and industry stakeholders in all countries of the world to provide both:

affordable and reliable mobile broadband internet access

Free and affordable internet access by use of a web a web protocol powered with content by Open Educational resources (OER) provider partners under an agreement.

Free internet access by use of a web protocol offering selected internet services that support communication and collaboration.


Utilizing existing mobile telecommunication infrastructure

Installation of more mobile telecommunication infrastructure where necessary so as to boost 3G connectivity access.

Launch of a special satellite in space for Project Global Access to aid mobile telecommunications partners to effectively distribute free and affordable Internet access

Creation of the free Internet access protocol

Omni WiFi project to distribute fast and affordable Internet access via schools and local entrepreneurs to their students, towns and villages with a special software provided for by Project Global Access to connect their communities.

Global Open Educational Resources (OER) Partnership:

Get Open Educational resources content developers to provide resources for the free internet solution aforementioned. This will enable accessing the internet based content without consuming too much data ( content thus can be without pictures etc)

Notable OER providers include Openstax, MIT open coursework, China Open Resources for Education, Open Coursework in Japan, OER Africa, OER4SCHOOLS, Wikiwijs, OER Commons, Curriki, WikiEducator, Media Wiki, Peer Production, Writing Commons, Norwegian Digital Learning Arena, CK-12 Foundation while sponsors of OER initiatives include Saylor Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation, UNESCO, The Shaffleworth Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, HEFCE, UK Higher Education Academy

Use of video vectorization technology for producing instructional video content: Video vectorization enables the reduction of the file size of online video, reduction of memory space on mobile device used, lowered internet data costs but with very high quality video output that loads very fast and users just have to play video once online but can thereafter play forever offline as often and as many times they want!

Global e-Translation Functionality:

Partner content providers must build Language translation functionality for their web instructional content key to enabling global users translate content into any of the 10 major languages of the world at a click thus the Use of Wix free multiple language app to enable browser led language detecting which automatically translates Web content into the default language of the accessing device.

Potential for Impact.

More global internet access, more language barrier-free open educational resources mean :

More global socio economic growth

More global socio economic development

Better and more global communication

More internet based global creativity

More critical thinking by global netizen beneficiaries of the project

More better use of information globally

More visual literacy globally

More digital literacy globally

Better health information services globally

Better agricultural information services globally

Better disaster information services globally

Better job information services globally etc



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