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PlantAsian Agro-Forestry Management Systems Inc. (‘PlantAsian’)designs and implements the production of food crops for marginalized people as well as and green energy biomass that reducegreenhouse gas emissionsthrough innovativebioengineeringrehabilitation systems to reduce deforestation and groundwater usage along with advanced technologysolutions to enhance the value of marginal lands by intergrating agribusiness opportunities with modern horticultural management and hybrid clone crops that achieve higher yields plus, in lowering costs through the reduction of inefficiencies in post harvest processing-storage-packing along with a significant focus on increasing farm-to-market transport infrastructure; all of which help to increase wealth creation for the local communities with whom we partner.

We are committed to employment and educational basedCommunity Social Responsibility(“CSR”) programs that enhance knowledge transfer, particularly to women and the youth, throughvalue-addsecondary processing and manufacture of foods and biofuels that stimulate community financial and social growth which we monitor through a projects flora-fuana and human dynamic, underEvnvironmental Social Governence(“ESG”) impact assessments.

Through the Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity, PlantAsian issubmitting itsDiscovery Solutionsfor the Rural Transformation and Zero Hunger Challenge,with the intention to seekpossible collaboration-alliance opportunities to promotestewardship through the establishment of an international strategic partnership to progress the following;

Transform Lahar Deposits;(similar to nutrient poor desert sands) Increase smallholder agricultural productivity by reversing environmental degradation through integration of technologies (AgriSoil™[1])and farming methodologies (biomass composting, micro irrigation) to stimulate conversion of lahars deposited from Mt. Pinatubo’s 1991 volcanic eruption from desertified lands into viable farmland for the Aeta indigenous people.

Crop Biomass;(duckweed algae and vetiver grass)An integrated growing platform to generate biofuels protein enhanced food additives and edible essential oils, along with the production of biochar for enhancing agricultural productivity (an additive in PlantAsian’sAgriSoil™manufacturing process).

Grow Malunggay (Moringa) Trees;(+40% protein by dry weight) Mature fast growing seedlings in restrained hedges so leaf production is cropped by mechanical vacuum mowers for efficient collection and processing into powder, as a food supplement. Women and adolescent adults will operate seedling nurseries and undergo training seminars for nursery operators incorporating social, environmental and economic impacts of the malunggay tree and manufacture of its various products.

Replace Traditional Plastics;(cutlery,plates, cups, other disposables) By composting natural binders (cassava plus other lignin and cellulose; vetiver grass, sugarcane etc.)forextrudable biodegradable materials.

DevelopBlock-Chain Certification;(digitized payment platform) To facilitate funding access for small medium sized farmers by enhancing B2B supply chain infrastructure ofFarm-to-Platelogistics that will reduce post harvest losses and increase the value chain through low interest rate pre-crop loans direct to farmers (Cooperatives) valued against sales off-take marketing agreements that 3rdparty lenders can then % factor as a financial instrument, securitized back to the buyer-merchant.

[1]PlantAsian’s proprietary manufacturing method to createAgriSoil™combines a variety of nitrogen fixing plants, activated carbon (biochar), slimes and specific types of biomass inoculants

A visitor-training center and educational hub for desert environmental and ecological studies will be establishedwith capacity building for nearby collages and institutions in partnership with international agricultural learning centersto encourage the indigenous Aeta people to produce organic vegetables and medicinal plants for the extraction of essential oils to support innovative businesses (manufacture of soaps and other cosmetics plus aquaponics and animal husbandry etc.) with these income generating businesses as focused opportunities for the Aeta women, to empower them outside of their traditional family homes, by economic contributions into the wider community welfare.

The business model is for the commercial nursery to generate early cash flow through sales of seedlings plus aquaponic-generated foods which production scalability can accelerate in line with securing wholesale market Block-Chain off-take agreements for produce delivery directly into the high-end metro Manila markets. The Nursery income will support the ongoing management required to organize longer-term production through large scale (+2,000 Hectare) biomass cropping operations for the marketing of biofuels by processing biocoal for export sales (+Syngas for local power generation) along with biochar for the production ofAgriSoil™with Financial modeling exhibiting robust cash flows from bulk biofuel sales. The enhancement-transformation of the unproductive lahars into prime agricultural lands for future farming of food crops for human consumption is also significant with considerable‘value add’expected through high value organic foods, and the manufacture of the upstream biomass protein foods and essential oils that appears to be particularly attractive.

[1]PlantAsian’s proprietary manufacturing method to createAgriSoil™combines a variety of nitrogen fixing plants, activated carbon (biochar), slimes and specific types of biomass inoculants

[2]Helping Agri Revitalization of Volcanic Exhalatives by Soil Transition (HARVEST) for Holistic Agribusinesses and Robust, Vibrant Enterprises for Social Transformation (HARVEST)



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