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In case of Ethiopia economy, the service sector has taken over the lead from agriculture in terms of its contribution to GDP while the share of agriculture declines. But it was simply a shift from low productivity agriculture to another low productivity service sector. Regarding human resources development there have been huge public investments in mega projects such as in power generation, roads, railways, sugar, fertilizers as well as expansion of access to education at all levels and health services with a focus on building country and communities economy.

Some projects focus directly on shifting gender norms and attitudes, such as those that aim to change attitudes towards gender-based violence, and may be targeted to the community, particularly influential community members, rather than to young males and females. However, due to economic, skill and capacities problems many young are remained underserved and more likely young girls marry at a young age and became dependent on different bodies for fulfillment of their basic needs.

This project enables to solve skill, productivity and unemployment problems of underserved youth communities on by taking advantage of information communication technology opportunities to advance their development and promote innovation and economic development on areas of coffee processing, local food processing, and egg, milk and meat production for local and regional markets. Lack of sufficient knowledge and skill for capital formation and asset management, absence of opportunities for seed many and good working environment to start new business make a young unemployed and reduced their participation and contribution in socioeconomic development efforts of the country.

So, this project by solving seed money, skill and capacity problems of youth it enables to improve youth’s career opportunities in the modern market and build economic capacity and helps to share their views with the community, getting other’s opinions, and increase their access to influence other and to add their contribution in modern and digital economy development of the country.

Despite a series of innovative initiatives conducted by government at the grassroots and macro levels on use of ICT in economic activities and improvement of skill sets among youth in preparation for entering the workforce, this project enables to create jobs by reducing challenges and create opportunities for using computer and internet as an enabler of socioeconomic development by decreasing youth unemployment in the project areas.



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