Promotion of commercial benefit of baobab seeds

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Baobab seeds is readily available in the 19 northern states of Nigeria, with the baobab tree scattered around in many rural and local communities. Due to lack of awareness of it economic value and benefit to rural farmers and local communities many of it pods is left on the unharvested while in some cases if harvested, after the extraction of the citrus pulp in the pods, the baobab seeds in it is thrown away as waste. We encourage and support these local communities and rural dwellers to take advantage of the baobab trees to improve their income by buying it off from them for industrial use.

We buy the baobab seeds from the farmers and local people for use, as we extract oil from it seeds, which after going through processing and refinement is used for cooking, with a resultant baobab cake realised after the extraction of oil. the baobab cake is rich in protein and is used by animal farmers for the production of animal feeds.

Apart from the innovation for inclusive trade, this solution or concept also promotes sustainable and healthy food for all as it provides healthy cooking oil at affordable rate and also cushioning the effect of the ban placed on the importation of cooking oil into Nigeria by the government with it resultant attribute of cooking oil scarcity and price hike, most especially during the festive seasons like Christmas. Another dimension of the healthy food is that it promotes and encourages animal farmers to adopt organic farming as a result of the reduction in price of animal rather than using inorganic components in animal feed production, which is harmful to human health in the long run with the consumption of animals reared with feed components that are not purely organic.



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