Promotion of Value Crops and increased nutrition

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This solution is aimed at increasing production of crops through promotion of value crops.Farmers in Zambia are predominantly Maize producers.This has resulted in a number of them being poor as the only practice mono crop coupled with poor marketing methods emplored by the Government.It is for this reason that we are advocating for increased food production through diversification and introductionbo new agricultural practices.we are providing a combination of organic and chemical Fertilisers to farmers doing maize and soyabeans in the 2019/2020 season and we will introduce other legumes such as Sunflower, Groundnuts and Sugar beans in the second year of the operations. We also intend to start adding value to all crops produced by producing the following products:

  • Maize
    we intend to produce maize meal, stock feed and poultry products.
  • Soyabeans
    we intend to produce cooking oil,soya cakes,soya chunks,baby porridges, in mince meat and biscuits.
  • Sugar beans
    we will make caned beans products and also sell nicely parked 10kgs raw beans to neighbouring Countries like Congo DR and Botswana,where there are limited farming activities.
  • Groundnuts
    we will made peanut butter products.
  • Vegitables
    We will acquire storage facilities in order to ensure that we are able to sell fresh vegetables to the local communities.On top of that,we will promote preservation of local foods using traditional this way,we will ensure that food is stored the whole year.

We expect to invest some of the funds in acquiring processing machines and cold storage facilities so that we sell some vegetables in their raw form to big supermarkets and to well organized/formalised markets.



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