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Prototype Hubs offers a 2-in-1 solution to the Innovation for Inclusive Trade Challenge. First, Prototype Hubs helps makers, DIYers, engineers, and aspiring engineers to find affordable advanced manufacturing services from a global network of manufacturing partners. The barrier to entry for things like CNC cut and 3D printed parts is now so low that any maker from around the world can now access these new manufacturing processes without ever owning a single piece of machinery. Secondly, Prototype Hubs helps DIYers, makers, and manufacturers with advanced manufacturing machines and available capacity to distribute their services on a worldwide platform. The global, decentralized platform is bringing inclusive trade to all corners of the globe for both makers and manufacturers.

The need for this solution started because of my own experience as a makers when I was designing a new innovative product and did not how much it was going to cost me or where to find a service provider that could manufacture it for me. With the use of automation, the Prototype Hubs Software as a Service site was born in August of 2019 to bring the community of makers closer together and offer a one-stop-global-shop for everything manufacturing related.



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