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With forced displacement exceeding 70 million people globally (UNHCR), Kiron provides free digital education opportunities so that youth can continue to develop their skills and fulfill their potential.

Kiron is a non-profit organisation founded in 2015, with offices in Germany, Jordan, and Lebanon. Our mission is to enable access to higher education for refugees and underserved communities through digital solutions and strategic partnerships. With over 6,500 students on our platform in over 45 countries (mainly in the Middle East, Germany and Turkey), we ensure refugee students have access to high-quality education for academic, professional and personal growth.. Kiron Campus can be accessed anywhere and at anytime via desktop or mobile devices, and in low bandwidth regions.

By learning new skills, including language, and connecting with a community and receiving orientation support, Kiron students can take the first steps towards settling and integrating into their new communities.

Digital literacy and 21st century skills are vital for labour market integration and success. Kiron has created tailor-made skill-booster programs for immediate access to the job market. These programs teach skills like programming, web design or how to build an online business, and are among our most widely used features.

With Kiron, young people are given maximum opportunity to access education. Targeted recruitment strategies and support mechanisms help ensure that women and other particularly vulnerable groups can participate and are supported to excel throughout the learning journey.

In short, the main goal of our solution is to empower and inspire a generation of refugees and underserved youth with access to high-quality digital education. We believe that education changes lives, transforms communities, and builds bridges into the future.



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