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Problem Analysis:

Quantity of food available in the world is constrained by

01)   Low yield from the crops.

02)   Limited water and arable land resources.

03)   Limited access of the people to the modern agriculture technologies.

04)    Wastage during harvesting , storage and transportation.

Poverty and aforementioned issues are complementing each other. Yield is low because farmer does not have wherewithal to purchase high yield seed. Similarly 1/3 food is wasted because farmer does not have capital to develop proper harvesting, storage and transportation. Cascading impact of all these issues is the poverty and low living standard for those related to agriculture industry.


A web based management and coordination platform to develop symbiotic relationship between the market players (financers, traders, service providers) and farmer to overcome the impeding factors.

Solution details :

Prudent management allows the farmer to share its financial needs to purchase high yield seed from the market. These needs are shared with the financing institutes, and they can reach to the farmer with their proposal and packages. Similar services are provided for technical, storage and transportation requirements to minimize the losses i.e farmer can put request for proposal for technical, storage and transportation needs and service providers having access to web platform can come with solution/bevy of resources. This in time availability of finance and services can double the production.

Prudent management solution has paid due consideration to bring the rural population and marginalized community online by designing a a new business model where cost of internet is paid back to the farmer from the service charges charged to the financing institutions, technical, storage and transportation service providers.  


Solution is scalable as access to the web platform can be provided to a large number of traders and service providers for the benefit of society.


By cultivating high yield crops and reducing the loses food available today can be doubled


The revenue collected from traders, transporters and other service providers using web platform will be used to run the day to day affairs, R & D etc.



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