Psycho-social and economic reinsertion of Internally displaced girls

About Solution

This solution will help the following challenges

-To reduce the rate of infection and contamination of illnesses such as sexually transmissible , HIV/aids ,cholera, malaria etc

health campaigns will be organised in different communities where we find these internally displaced girls and women to educate and reinforce their capacities on the methods of prevention of such diseases .

-To prevent them from early and teenage pregnancies. These young girls will be sensitize on how to calculate their menstrual cycle and how to practice good hygiene.they will be aware on how to calculate their menstrual cycle and know how to avoid getting pregnant while still very young

The reduction of early and force marriages .Given the fact that we will support and facilitates the admissions of girls who are internally displace in different communities will help keep them in school . There will be series of capacity building for these girls so that they should be aware of their rights , educate them about the dangers of early and forced marriage so that they will be able to say to to such harmful practices on them. This will enable them to stay in school and thereby reducing the cases of forced marriages .We will be able to educate the parents too about the importance of education especially for the girls child and the dangers of early and force marriages .

-the young girls who have dropped out of school will be able to learn a trade that will enable her to carry out an income generating activities that will help her to become autonomous and take care of herself and that of the family .Thereby reducing the dependency on men.professional training like Tailoring, secretariat work,business etc and depending of individual .

-It will help for self esteem .The girls that have been victims of violence during the period of crises before they left their communities will benefit from psychological counselling to help them reduce the trauma and stress they got .women and girls who are victims of rape find it very difficult to open up and keep the pain in silence .therefore during the counselling sessions we will be able to identify many cases of rape and other gender based violence case. We will be able to support them with medical kids to enable them followup with their treatment in case they need this.

-reinsert young girls and women into income generating activities to be able to take care of themselves and that of the family .



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