Pumping water uphill for increased food production

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The AIDFI ram pump can help

  • Counter massive migration from rural to urban areas by making farming again attractive for young farmers through the use of innovative technologies and techniques (erosion control, organic and diversified production). This will make their farming sustainable, profitable and the farmers proud.
  • Increase food production by providing farmers irrigation water at hardly any cost with a technology completely under their control.
  • Make farming less risky. With irrigation water available 24/7 the farms, which in the hills were mostly rain dependent and affected by the Climate Change, can survive sudden drought, add an extra crop and diversify. The AIDFI ram pump is a Climate SMART technology.

The result will be less migration to the cities with the young farmers opting to farm, having sufficient food for their families and selling their excess food to the markets. These foods will have less carbon footprint since the irrigation technique is utilizing the energy contained in falling water. Ram pumps are a perfect technology for the food-energy-water nexus since the pumps are water powered and use run off and not ground water and the energy from falling water (no electricity, no fuel). Also the pumps only use a portion of the water running through it.

On the other hand, the manufacturing and installation of ram pumps and systems creates new jobs. These jobs are sustainable and create income for families.



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