Pure Land on Earth

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If we, humans as the most complete creature on this earth could at a first bring harmony and peace inside ourselves, what we call heaven could be created on this earth. Imagine that there is no hate, war, hunger, and other negative things on this earth, is not that a heaven? A place where the merits and bliss are fully gained properly. Imagine if all of humans could live in harmony with the animals and nature. All of this blissful condition could be happened on this earth if all of us have the same ideas, not separated by where and who we are. Changing the mind of one person may not be so useful. But changing one person's mind and than making an impact to a family, society and in the end a nation, surely will make a great impact. All must be started with one person only. Here our community is trying to do this purpose. If all of us could work together hand in hand, peaceful live like a heaven surely not a myth anymore, and else we do not need to die first in order to feel the peaceful live. We might not have a great capability and capacity to change every single person's mind on this world. But started from one person, it shall be done and it is possible. One by one, day by day, peace will be here, among us on this earth.



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