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Universal access to safe water as an engine for posperity.

Water is life and access to safe water is an universal right. According to UNICEF "About 1,000 children die every day from diarrheal diseases associated with contaminated drinking water, poor sanitation or poor hygiene practices.

In total, in 2019, almost 748 million people worldwide will continue to have serious problems accessing water. In the case of women and girls, collecting water reduces the time they can devote to caring for their families and studying.

In unsafe areas, going out to collect water carries the risk of being victims of violence and attacks. UNICEF estimates that, in Africa alone, people walk 40 billion hours every year to get water. "

Three things are necessary to decontaminate the water of bacteria:

Energy to extract water and treat it.

Chemical products: flocculants and coagulants.

Facilities: Deposits, pumps, dispensers, pipes.

Expert staff in water treatment.

In rural areas the problem becomes more serious, since it is more difficult to find bottled water or nearby purification facilities. The poorer a person is the more difficult he has to access safe water, which leads to more bacterial diseases, less health and more poverty.

There is the possibility of creating wells and extracting water from the water tables by not being able to drink surface water, but in recent years the wells are depleting in thousands of areas, causing people to abandon their traditional places.

In the coming years, millions of refugees will leave their places of origin and seek a better place for their crops, livestock and future for their children. If we add to this factor the effects of climate change, we will have an army of people wandering from one place to another in search of a safe place.

Governments will fight for control of aquifers and water wars will be extended to avoid disturbances and public order problems.

Waterologies proposes that, as with solar panels with electricity, each person can obtain safe water anywhere on the planet.

By implementing ultrafiltration equipment that operates at very low power and with high efficiency, families and even entire villages will be able to have water at a cost of $ 0.00005 per liter, or what is the same 20,000 liters per each dollar These are portable devices, small, capable of cleaning the water of bacteria and dirt with a small cost and for two years.

The health effects will increase the number of days boys go to school, girls will also go more since they should not take care of their sick relatives. Better health means better productivity and better productivity will generate greater wealth. No one leaves a place where it is prosperous. Migrations will decrease and border tensions will be eased.

In an emergency, the equipment serves as first aid equipment and can also be carried in the all-terrain car on expeditions. It can be used for earthquakes, floods, aid to refugees. The number of hurricanes has doubled in the last decade and is expected to go further.

Access to water will be another geopolitical weapon in the future. With universal access to safe water, there will be fewer grounds for conflict.



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