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Qaleb Studio is an online platform that offers in-house created pre-designed templates and mockups with Arabic & Islamic flavour. These templates & mockups can be edited and customized online easily, instantly and downloaded by users of even minimal digital literacy. This addresses the challenge through: -Hardware: digital design tools usually require high-end hardware that has the capacity to run such complicated operations offered by such tools. Qaleb Studio, on the other hand, does not require a hefty hardware, allowing any computer access to our digital product that is processed on the cloud, alleviating the load on the user's computer itself. -Software: Most digital design tools possess high license fees for a subscription or one-time purchase. Qaleb Studio's solution does not require from the user to pay any fees for the utilisation of the platform. The user simply pays $1 per design that they wish to download after finalising it. -Learning curve: most digital design tools require long periods of time (up to many years) to equip the user with the knowledge of their complex panels, options, filters, etc. Qaleb Studio's UI and UX have been developed to be easily comprehensible by non-experienced users through minimising the required designing tools and providing an extensive library of pre-designed templates. It is important to note that most required demand is a simple drag and drop to edit the pre-designed templates or even design from scratch, making the process a much quicker and easier one.



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