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Qhispikay bring tourists to an Andean rural community to have a real and customized immersion experience of at least one night with a family. We attract tourists with glamping, ensuring comfort we attract people with greater purchasing power who generate greater income for families.

Qhispikay mostly employs Quechua-speaking women from towns over 3800 meters above sea level, which have already tripled the income of their families, improving directly the quality of life of their children and themselves. It should be noted that in average a family in the Peruvian Andes generates an income of 150 USD per month.

This job is perfect for women because they can do it from their houses and without neglect their kids, animals, and house. It is also very important for the families because it makes them feel proud of their culture and origin, rising up their self-esteem.

We prepare, train, give all the implements they need to serve tourists and sell this experience to tourists around the world. We had already given each family that we work with on average 300 USD per month for 38 hours of work. That has been used to improve their houses and their kid's education.

The tourists take a real experience where they learn from the people of the mountains their self-sustainable lifestyle, and they are sensitized, directly improving their treatment and way of acting in front of populations of other cultures.

We have created a fair exchange that generates work in communities where it is almost impossible to generate economic income, especially for women who have to take care of their children and who don't speak English and Spanish.

Please go to our website www.glamping.peto learn more about the project, the experience we sell and the impact we have.



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