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QualiTrace provides an Integrated platform that allows/empowers smallholder farmers to identify pest and disease attack in real time, purchase quality agro inputs such as seeds from the comfort of their mobiles phones and verify the agro inputs. With this solutions, we are adding an added layer of trust through a blockchain enabled technology for farmers, agro input dealers, value chain stakeholders and most of all consumers like you who buy quality food produce. At QualiTrace, we focus on providing a bundled value of services which allows us to provide a holistic approach that empowers our smallholder farmers to increase production Our solution is a farmer – centric technological solution to address fundamental problems such as fake agro inputs, access to inputs and to help farmers identify pest and diseases to protect their crops and help them get value for money. A simple USSD platform for validating farm inputs and food outputs. Empowering farmers to independently authenticate products using USSD. Authentication would be via QualiTrace labels (QualiStrips) imprinted on farm inputs and outputs. A simple mobile app (AI) that will help farmers to identify crops and their diseases and pests. And a QR code system to enable consumers trace the quality of the food bought. There would also be a web-based track-and-trace validation suite to be used by input and output manufacturers and dealers. This software would be monitored and periodically updated by QualiTrace to provide real time information. Finally, a platform that connects farms to farm inputs and to market.



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