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The Quantum Agro Technology is a new generation agro tech that uses Phonotaxis, Phototaxis and Artificial intelligence algorithms built on scientific and traditional farming methods. With comprehensive soil data and pest data, access to the technology that is collected from the farm we can improve soil health, crop yield, and profitability with lesser environmental impact. The ultimate goal of QAT is to give a simple economic solution to farmers. Our product streamlines the path from soil and pest research to actionable insight. With our data-driven precision agriculture solution, users save on fertilizer costs and leave the land better off than when they found it. They can improve plant growth by optimum usage of nutrients and reduce the usage of chemicals and hence, helps the farmer to get the best yield with available resources. With our wide-ranging soil data, pre-fed pest data and the technology that enables to collect data we will be able to create custom fertilizer blends per region or crop, predictive fertility over time, environmental and compliance documentation, supply chain transparency and traceability from soil to harvest, financial risk and insurance monitoring, and more. With this transparency, consumers will know where their food comes from while companies will be able to validate their sustainability claims promoting both the farm’s business and the company brand. In addition to solving the challenge proposed by MBR Initiative, QAT also reduces the effects caused by pesticides on climate.



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