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The solutions that I am about to offer are workable and scalable, thus, it will help migrants, refuges and internally displaced persons around the world to have access to cheap, better and highly effective legal system. This concepts and solutions are very unique and if implemented will help enhance and shape the lives of every 2 persons who are estimated to be displaced every second around the world today who may need a lawyer urgently. The name of the legal solution is called the quick lawyer and it can be access through mobile phones, mobile apps (QL app), instagram, twitter, text code and through the internet, and offline via sms.  The steps to these solutions are:

Global Solution to Reliable Legal system For Migrants, Refugees and Displaced Person

Internally displaced persons, migrants and refugees worldwide needs quick and immediate access to a professional lawyer in their own country and in any country they find themselves due to wars, conflicts and other man made artificial ways. The steps to creating an effective legal systems that will be affordable and beneficial to migrants, refuges and internally displaces peoples are as follows:

Step 1.

The United nation through its sister organization, the international court of justice at the Hague, Netherland, should ask all its 183 member countries to compile the names of the top 100 lawyers in each of the geographical regions in their country along with names of their law firms and send it to the international court of justice for documentation, screening and processing.

Step 2.

The names of the successful law firms along with their full contact details (Phone, emails, Facebook, Whatsapp, websites and physical contact address), that has been officially accepted by the international court of justice after the screening will now be used to create a master data base of all the top lawyers that are member states of the United Nations.

Step 3.

The international court of justice will now create a new websites and an app that will contained all the accepted and registered lawyers with the names of their law firms, contacts persons, phone numbers, whatsapp details, and websites clearly written. The apps will be called the Quick Lawyer (QL) meaning quick access to a lawyer anywhere, anytime, any hour and any day. The QL will also display the details of every registered lawyer on Google Map for easy identification by a prospective migrants or refugee.

Step 4.

This app will be on the app store owned by google and apple for easy down load by prospective migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide. We would design the app in such a way that whenever anyone registered they will have immediate access to any lawyers of their choice from any country who is on the database of the international court of justice via the QL.


Step 5.

How would every displaced person have smooth access to a cost effective legal services worldwide?

International organization like the bill and Melinda foundation and the group of seven industrialize nations of the world (G7 Countries) and other international donors will be asked to make small amount of donations to support what I call “The international lawyers for refugee, migrant and internally displaced person support fund (ILRMID FUNDS)” or The Mohammed Bin Rashid Global support funds for Lawyers (MGSL). These funds will be on under the control and supervision of the international court of justice. Then, any registered World Court lawyer who offers legal services to any migrants, refugee, and internally displaced person will be paid with the monies from this fund. So migrants will not have to pay a penny for the cost of any forms of  legal services they may need anywhere or from any country they find themselves as migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons again.

Step 6.

The international court of justice will invite and give a thorough orientation to all selected law firms that will be invited to their headquarter in Holland. During this orientation, they will inform all the lawyers that they should not collect a DIME from any refugees, migrants and internally displaced persons who seek for their legal aid or legal services through the apps, website or through specialized codes that will be text to the lawyers.. But, rather they should apply with the names of the (migrants, refugees, displaced persons) and the total cost of their legal services to international court of justice for a refunds or reimbursement within two weeks after verification by the international court of justice. Appropriate mechanism will be put in place to ensure the identities of a prospective migrants is verified by the world court and lawyers, through office of the high commission for refugees to ensure prompts payments to all law firms who have rendered their legal services.


This QL (Quick Lawyer) apps will be very interactive, as any registered migrants or refugee who download the apps or visit their website will quickly see the contact details of any lawyers from any country for him to chat, call or send an instant email for emergency legal services. Lawyers on the platforms can also communicate with themselves and exchange legal ideas where and when necessary to solve any cross border legal challenges that involves migrants, refugees crossing from country A to country B respectively. This quick lawyer will also have a YouTube channel where lawyers can hold and discuss legal issues real-time with all registered lawyers on the platform.

This is an ideal that the world has not seen or heard of before today. If this concept is accepted and implemented, will it will solve any legal problems that is faced by any migrants worldwide, therefore making legal services free and cost effective for all migrants, refugees and internally displaced person all of the world.

Furthermore, it is important to know that we live a globalized world that is aided by information technology and telecommunication with the use of smartphones and mobile phone technology. The honest truth now is that most solutions to global issues will require a global tools to solve such problems. With the smartphones and mobile phone technology any migrants can make quick contact to any lawyers worldwide and get an immediate response. The smartphones is the tool with which migrants and refugees will used to bridge the digital divides to access the quick lawyer app (QL). A special code will also be created, whereby a prospective refugee can send a text code to any lawyer listed on the platform and get an instant response within 15 hours from anywhere in the world.



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