Qumra for Mushroom Production

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Mushroom is one of the best sources of calcium and vitamin D. It also contains selenium, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B2, niacin, sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol and gluten, low in calories, rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants.
That is, it is a source of income for a large segment of its workers and is a cheap food source of protein compared to other kinds of food for another segment

As said earlier Mushroom Production is an income-generating project that helps to run the workforce. The establishment of this project if the needed support is offered shows how we are different from other similar projects because we aim to expand the scope of work to increase employment opportunities and ensure adequate production and dissemination of the culture of using it in the communities that do not rely on it enough.
The project is a profitable project that contributes to restoring livelihoods to project supervisors and employees. The project targets all segments of society, including patients who cannot eat animal protein and cancer patients


Establishing the workplace and preparing it

Preparing the stands with compost and soil

Monitoring goes all the way till the end


Packing and distribution

Re-preparing and planting

Mushroom mix (compost) is originally composed of agricultural residues
Provide a low-cost animal protein substitute
Other nutritional benefits
Production of cheaper organic fertilizer from the remnants of mushroom mix
Provide jobs opportunities

One of the obstacles is inadequate funding, as most similar projects are small and dependent on small markets.

Also, the lack of skilled labors in the target areas who need to be trained.

Additionally, the Lack of water and power is an obstacle

Establishing a Mushroom project in Homs in Syria 2018

Supervising similar projects in Damascus and Talbisa in Syria 2018




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