RAD(Radiographs Abnormality Detection)

About Solution

RAD is an AI-based software that intelligently detects the abnormalities present in a radiograph and highlights them clearly. The repetitive tasks such as analyzing and sorting out the patient records is handled by RAD allowing the radiologists focus on better and faster predictions.

Not only the patients and radiologists, it can bring a new wave of workflow to the entire organization. RAD intelligently prioritize the patients with the most severe conditions to the top, so that they get the treatment as soon as possible. RAD also provides notification services to the patients so that they are able to know when their report is out which lessens the unnecessary hospital visits.

As RAD normally does the job in x-ray images, the area with no radiologist now can start diagnosing the problems and can collaborate with larger organization to provide the services remotely.

The core idea of this project is to embed Artificial Intelligence to the medical industry where smarter facilities and smarter management systems make the entire workflow efficient faster and more affordable. The fact that almost ⅔ of the total population of the globe are deprived of the radiology services and 1.7 billion people being affected with musculoskeletal diseases makes RAD stand out in the crowd of expensive and slow medical processes as it is super affordable,very fast and highly accurate.



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