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Nigeria has made some progress in socioeconomic terms in recent years, its human capital development remains weak due to underinvestment; the country ranked 152 out of 157 countries in the World Bank’s 2018 Human Capital Index. With the huge potential and massive human capital advantage, lack of skills has proven a huge limitation from maximizing this potential for growth. Unfortunately, as the youth population grows, so does the unemployment rate. The labour force growth far outpaces employment growth. The situation is far worse in rural areas where opportunities are even scarce.

Online outsourcing is highly relevant to impact sourcing, as it could significantly benefit disadvantaged individuals in low employment rural areas. Therefore Rapidduty is designed to empower disadvantaged youth and women between the ages of 16 and 40 in fragile and conflict zones by training them to leverage employment opportunities in the digital economy. The program is using digital technologies to drive business innovation, digital skills, and job creation, and break the cycle of unemployment, and fragility and violence especially in conflict regions. We intend to achieve this by providing the following: 1. By providing Face to Face training and online training (www.rapiddutyacademy.com) on digital entrepreneurship and digital skills a. Digital entrepreneurship skills
These are skills that introduce participants to the Gig economy and future of work, soft skills(21st-century skills) b. Digital skills
These are basic digital skills that enable people to play an active role in the digital society as "digitally literate" and Intermediary digital which are skills needed in most digitally enabled workplaces. Ranging from web development, graphic design, data analysis, etc. This subset includes new skills for established workers in sectors that are adopting digital avenues and skills for seeking work in the digital economy. 2. By providing an online market place designed to suit the needs of the target group. Participants will be introduced to the freelancing, and how to sell their skills to the world through the platform (www.rapidduty.com) and the mobile app.

The above innovation is informed by the Rapid digital transformation that is reshaping our global economy; permeating virtually every sector and aspect of daily life; and changing the way we learn, work, trade, socialize, and access public and private services and information. Youth in thecommunities can, therefore, increase their access to new skills, new supply chains and markets in order to create better livelihoods for themselves.



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