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Re-Nuble’s mission is to sustainably manage our local communities’ consumed resources, rendering them

into valuable renewable inputs at minimal or zero cost to the environment.

We currently achieve our mission by resolving two challenges especially acute to urban areas in the United States:

(1.) Sustainably processing the increasing urban organic waste volumes in or near cities without creating

any greenhouse gases.

(2.) Producing an organic fertilizer product with the intention to enable smallholder farms to grow organically

and/or sustainably.

Similar to farms in the U.S., small-hold farmers seek a high-efficacy, commercial grade organic fertilizer that is cheaper, provides comparable yields to chemical alternatives and can help them with market demand for plant-based agricultural products due to risks from manure and animal-based products. We have created such a technology; our specially formulated plant-based pelletized fertilizer, derived from urban, unrecoverable vegetative waste, optimally makes nitrogen, proteins, amino acids, and ammonia water-soluble for smallholder farms. When used as a system with our patent-pending, modular bioreactor, it quickly decomposes these nutrients for easier plant uptake in field drip irrigation and fertigation systems. As a very cost competitive fertility system, smallholder farms can more cheaply sour and store our replenishable source of non-manure based, sustainable agricultural inputs that have a longer shelf-life and benefit to the plant. Furthermore, we are able to make larger amounts of phosphorus  (a macronutrient substantially limited in current volumes) available and replenishable which is unprecedented.

The problem that we’re addressing and why is it relevant:

The price and usage gap amongst organic fertilizers compared to synthetic is substantial and our technology will contribute to solving this challenge by making the usage of organic fertilizers sourced within a smallholder farm's immediate community, consistently available, more price competitive and longer lasting. Made possible by our technology, we can help provide a water-soluble nutritional boost over time versus the typical boom-bust washout of salt based fertilizers. As a result this helps a farm's soil rebuild over time, leaving leftover organic plant matter as a substrate that retains water well and doesn't pollute the water table and clog drainage networks around a farm.

We project that we can save soil-based farms 30% on overall fertilizer costs due to fertilizer application reduction due to the benefits of using our on-site nutrient system (bioreactor plus pellets) and ability to use local, unrecoverable food waste to create our pellets.

Lastly, with regards to the, "alarmingly high levels of food loss occur among many low-income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, due to poor infrastructure, lack of knowledge, and low levels of technology," our solution can substantially mitigate this by upcycling what is unrecoverable from this waste stream.


The on-site fertilizer system can provide the following benefits to farms:

          Reduces long-term fertilization needs;

          Increases nutrient availability as a result of food waste degradation from local waste streams;

          Increases plant disease and pest suppression;

          Increases soil health for traditional field applications.

• .     We estimate a 30% reduction in fertilizer costs for soil farms due to our technology’s continuous nutrient delivery.



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