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reach52 radically transforms health service delivery models for displaced populations using a digitally-enabled precision public health approach. We partner with governments, multi-laterals, NGOs and the private market to make development solutions go further into communities where access is low to non-existent. Our scalable approach addresses health challenges across a broad range of issues and conditions among displaced peoples through use of community-integrated, data-driven peer worker networks; innovative supply-chain management strategies; a proprietary offline-first eHealth platform; and a unique partnership model with public, civil society/non-profit and private sector organizations. The result is ‘last-mile’ availability of heavily discounted medicines and targeted population-health services. This solution works for all displaced populations, whether they reside in camp-based settings or existing communities.

We will employ the following components of our offline-first digital platform:

reach52 access: our core platform equipping peer workers (called Access Managers) with everything they need to capture health records and case updates; complete regular check-ups; run local community campaigns; and connect to primary healthcare and social supports. It also provides information, education and training for health/social workers, and collaboration tools to support on-the-ground decision making.

reach52 insights: our data portal, providing analytics, reporting and insights from the populations we serve to inform health needs, access-to-medicine strategies, universal healthcare policy, and on-the-ground programs.

reach52 logistics: provides last-mile distribution and logistics, enabling inventory management, supply chain, distribution and coordination to deliver essential products and services where they currently don't reach.

Initiation and Invention: Following stakeholder engagement; project scoping; and the selection of implementation partners; a network of Access Managers are recruited from the community. This network constitutes the frontline face of reach52, employing a case management approach. These women receive training, software and mobile devices. This tech, including integrated digital diagnostic devices, is used to profile the health and social condition of every individual displaced person in the community, creating a comprehensive dataset. Analytics are performed, uncovering unique insights on the community’s health and social well-being. Precision interventions are then developed responding to these analyses, in cooperation with all stakeholders.

Implementation: Programs execution will vary, dependent on community needs, and corresponding access challenges/barriers. Common components include health education campaigns; remote clinics; and outreach activities. Out network of pharmaceutical partners are engaged to supply free or deeply-discounted medicines as part of their CSR offerings, with to-the-door delivery facilitated by reach52. Real-time monitoring of program performance is possible.

Impact: At program close, a full evaluation of the intervention against impact framework is conducted. Recommendations for scaling and amplifying effectiveness are drafted.



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