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For internet consumers reba solutions provide a stable and affordable internet services through its large scale open WiFi system.

No multiple sign ups, one platform login, ubiquitous connection at home, work or on the move for less than 0.5usd daily. We are currently located in pangani, ngara and eastleigh regions of nairobi

It works on a freemium model providing fluid internet pay as you go packages. This model is economically tenable and has made the startup grow to a  35km radius since its inception 11 months ago.

To mitigate fluctuations we use fill over fail over networking protocols to maintain robust signal strength and our towers are powered by backup batteries to ensure there is internet connection even during power outages that are a common occurrence.

From our experience so far, we have learnt that being good at what we do isn’t good enough in the networking sector, the best practices in implementation are key in order to grow in the industry.

Starting November we begun offering value addition services to customers within our range like online government services and zoom sessions to educate on how to formalize businesses, immigrants registration, public and private tendering processes and eCommerce platforms

Exposure to opportunities is crucial if people are to be substantially connected to the internet which plays a key role in the progression of middle economies into the fourth industrial revolution.

Improvising is survival but innovation is living.

Our model is simple but we are mastering our steps as we grow.

We are reaching out to identified partners whom we believe will be resourceful to the scaling of our startup through cost effective and forward thinking approaches with focus on cellular networks, dns tunneling and new installation methods.



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