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Climate change and Environment are a global issue and a subject of interest for every country in this world.Senegal hosts one of the biggest open landfill in the world called Mbeubeuss . Mbeubeuss is causing massive health and ecological consequences in Dakar and its neighborhood and is also the best illustration of how circular linear is impacting our lives. I believe considering that waste is a resource will help Senegal get rid of open landfill and also ensure environmental protection and reduce global warming.

My project ReCreYASSion is related to climate change and environment as circular economy is a way to help reduce climate change and protect our environment, our resources.

ReCreYASSion is especially interested in circular fashion as fashion is one of the most polluting and wasteful industry in the world and obviously has a massive impact on our environment due to important use of pesticides and toxic products.

It aims to to help people extend the lifetime of their clothes instead of letting them buy compulsively new clothes. It is possible to give them a second life using our creativity and also to share them between us.



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