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Plastic pollution is not just an ocean issue, its climate issue and its human health issue as well. People used to dump plastic in the environment sometime purposefully and sometime accidentally, when plastic waste goes to landfills some are light enough to blow in the wind and enter in the water ways

Plastic can break into smaller pieces called micro plastics through biodegrationor exposure to the sun, heat or water .These micro plastic scatter across the globe even the depth of the ocean.

Toxics chemicals can bind to micro plastics and create poison pills that aquatics animal eat plastic also harm through entanglement and ingestion atall thefood chains

Plastic waste release green house gases as it breaks down in the environment .Micro plastic in the oceanreducethe growth ofmicro algaeand efficiency of photosynthesis these lead to degrade plankton’s ability to remove carbon dioxide from atmosphere.

In Dar es salaam Tanzania about 2000 tons of plastics wasteare generatedevery day, UN ENVIRONMENT REPORT estimate that by 2050 the ocean will have more plastic than fish, Thus we at Arena Recycling Industry we want to make changes whereby we come with solution of recycling

Plastic waste into buildings materials ECO-BRICKS, the Eco-bricks we produceare usedin constructions of affordable houses and toilets.

The process involve collection of plastic waste by organizing campaign with environmental champions for beach clean-up around marine areas twice a month, we educate and promote the change of behavior in waste disposal, by involve community recyclers into logistic and improve their income by buying collected plastic waste from environment, the collected plastic waste is then sorted according to plastic waste composition (density), melted and mixed with sand to produce the Eco –Bricks.

Bricks produced are very affordable, durable two times compared to commons one, its water proof, sound proof product, its anti-corrosive and ant-fungal

Our company is not only selling products but also wegiveeducation and promoting behavior of change in waste disposal in the community this lead todecreaseand reuse generation of plastic waste on the land and water degradation and consequent pollution hazard



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