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Each year, over a million of plastic water bottles are produced in Somalia. Yet, not even 2 percent is recycled nor re-used. Unfortunately, most of these waste plastics are ended up in the environments. Thousands of animals are killed by waste plastics each year, from birds to fish, to other marine organisms. Plastics have been consumed by land-based animals such as camels, cattle and goats, in some cases causing death. Yet, Somali is no exception. Waste plastics have blighted the country. Everything is in danger today. Our environment, animals, oceans, and human lives are all in desperate danger. It’s undeniable that not only Somalia, but the world has a problem with waste plastics.

Nevertheless, we launched our own start-up last year in order to find sustaible solution to these problems. We have created a start-up called Plastic Venture Company in Hargeisa, Somalia. We recycle all kind of waste plastics and turn them into affordable, sustainable tiles and paving blocks. So far, we have recycled more than 1.4 million plastic bags and water bottles which could have gone to affect the environment. We have created a machine that converts waste plastics into sustainable tiles and paving blocks. However, melting plastics create toxic gases: dioxin and furan .So, I created a filter to trap the gases and make melting and upcycle of rescued plastic a more sustainable process. We have employed over 30 people who have now collected more than 30,000Kg of plastic bags and water bottles which we used to produce building material such as paving blocks and tiles.

Hence, we are aiming to recycle almost 4 million of plastic bags and water bottles for the next two years to restore the beauty of our environment. We are visioning a world free and healthy of waste plastics. We want to extend our work into different countries in the world in order to contribute this global challenges of waste plastics. We therefore believe that we are capable of reducing waste plastics not only in Somalia, but in the world as well. Our goal is to see a world free of waste plastics.



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