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In the Caribbean 80% of all deaths are caused by chronic diseases, such as, cancers and respiratory illnesses affecting our friends, our family, but worst of all our children. The chances of developing these diseases are greatly increased by exposure to the toxic chemicals used to grow 95% of our foods in the Caribbean. Killing our soils and ultimately ourselves.

We improve the health of soils & people by converting organic waste into biologic soil solutions for commercial & residential buyers.

Our solution is to create a range of organic and biologic crop protection and soil treatment products such as fertilizers, bio-stimulants, and soil conditioners. What makes our products so special is that they are made mostly from organic waste materials that would otherwise be dumped in the landfill and polluting our waters. We take these materials and convert them into valuable end products to boost agricultural productivity, remove toxins from the food supply and strengthen food and nutrition security and build climate resilience.

Our products are made from organic waste resources, like fish scraps from the markets and processors that are improperly dumped in the landfill or invasive plant species, like the 20 Million tonnes of Sargassum seaweed plaguing the Caribbean, Mexican and West African Coasts.

Once the decomposition of Fish Offal begins it produces a very offensive odor and can attract various pathogens when it is improperly dumped. At present in Barbados, approximately 1,700 kg of fish offal is dumped in the landfill every month. Our intent will be to successfully divert more than 90% of this waste stream into our agricultural product VVS Aminos.

Initial crop trials with Dr. Lopez at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, demonstrated nearly a 40% increase in crop performance with our Red Diamond application compared to leading synthetic products. Our solution will allow retailers to meet the growing demand for organic alternatives, farmers gain improved soil health and productivity, and along with their consumers reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals.

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