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About Solution

RedDrop365 is a Universal Blood Management Platform with a 360 degree approach that connects Blood Banks, NGO’s, Corporates, Educational Institutions and Donors for an efficient and effective Blood Supply Management.

Donor Management

We help Corporates, Educational Institutions etc to manage their donors and have a platform to know their contributions. We also help them screen and plan for required contributions by our Partners. We can help them record Social Contribution Points on our platform with an Institutional Login for record and promotions.

Donor Validations and Communications Management

We help NGO's, Blood Banks and Hospitals manage the Donor records in terms of validation and communication to the Donors to encourage future donations.

Pipeline and Data Management

We can help in addressing supply requirements and channelizing the information to balance storage, wastage and predictive mechanisms to ensure safe window periods of supplies.

Donor Retention

From the Donors perspective, we support them by providing them Universal Identifications and ensuring that their donations are validated and confirmed by the recipient partners (Blood Banks and Hospitals). We support them with communication to ensure repeat donations at their convenience and comfort. We provide them with Social Contribution Points to be shared on their social media channels.


Current Scenario

General scenario is that Students are exposed to a Blood Donation camp which is organized in an year in the campus in most colleges. Later in life, such events encountered in corporate scenarios reduces. A donor reacts in terms of emergency scenarios with friends/family/colleagues. A donor does not have a clear accessible record of how many times or to whom has he/she donated. Typically the donor doesn't have any record or a transaction slip or an email for reference with any reference-able id for the donation. Donor doesn't even have information whether the unit was utilized to be broken into components or was wasted.

Our Effort

For Donors : Blood Banks can facilitate validation mechanism in which the Donor gets a clear record of receipt of Donation say in terms of the transaction id. Currently a donor doesn't get any information or communication w.r.t a donation except for a card sometimes.

Donors get multiple identification when they donate with different Blood Banks or Organisation. The platform helps them get a unique identification across bodies.

Donors can get correct information on the nearest camps based on their location
work or residence on the particular day and also depending on the Blood Group that the Donor has. They will not get any communication in the 3 months window period after they have donated.

A donor typically or many a times gets a unit replacement card valid for 3/6 months. Probability of non-utilization, losing the card and the card not being honored at the approached blood bank is extremely high. We visualize that with Blood Banking partners on the platform, a donor will eventually be able to transfer the unit online to a needy person on his/her network without needing to be physically present at every encountered emergency.

A donor gets incentivized in terms of the Transparent Process, Social Recognition, Ability to support friends/family when in need, Health Checkups can be facilitated. We can facilitate other benefits via partnering with Organizations to provide support and incentives.

Educational / Corporate

Current Scenario

Institutions such as colleges or Corporates organizes camps mostly once a year via some nearest Blood Bank or via some Partner NGO which approaches them for a camp. They do not have an organized way of managing the events and neither do they have a clear manner of communication to the participants. 

Neither does any institution or corporates have a manner in which they would have kept the data of any event viz.,

how many collections happened on the event.

the details of individuals who donated.

the details of individuals who were rejected due to any reasons.

details about their internal communication and turnout ratio.

details of the exact requirements of the Blood Bank which can suggest the camp as a success for the day.

Over a period of time, they do not have enough accessible data to project themselves in terms of collaboration to the society.

Our Effort

For Corporates/Institutions who are organising camps say any company or an educational setup along with Blood Banks say Rotary, RedCross, AIIMS etc, the Corporates/Institutions can have a Institutional Account on RedDrop365 platform. This will help them record and showcase their contributions over a period of time.

The Donors can tag themselves with Corporates or Educational Institutions say like LinkedIn and hence an Institutional Page can get an idea of how much of their alumni or current members have been contributing.

They can have better event management support via the platform in terms of connecting, scheduling and recording the outcomes of the event.

They can have targeted communication internally and also map their members who for some reason were unable to donate or rejected due to health reasons. This gives an opportunity for them to monitor the health of their members.

They can showcase their contributions in social forums or corporate/institutional annual reports/magazines.

Blood Banks

Current Scenario

The scenario in terms of collaboration between major Blood Banks such as Rotary, Indian Red Cross, Government Hospitals and so many others needs to be studied better. We do understand that most of the bodies work via existing mechanisms of camp calendars in Corporate, Educational Institutions or invited by facilitating NGOs. There isn't a precise information in terms of stocks of units, components etc which becomes the deciding factor for the need and correspondingly the collection. The reason is because there isn't a mechanism to target potential donors. Hence its an open ended mechanism all through.

Our Effort

Provide clear mapping and standardized mechanism to trigger alerts and avoid wastage via appropriate inventory management.

Provide better support in terms of camp/donor management and an organized manner of partnership with various Institutions.

Provide a platform to provide validations to the donors to increase donor confidence.

Provide a platform for targeted communications in terms of the demand/requirements of the season/day. The camps can be targeted to a specific audience so as to cater to the specific requirements for the day e.g., 25 units of A+, 15 units AB-, 5 units O+ can become the minimum threshold to mark the camp as a success instead of keeping it open ended as is the case right now.

Provide a platform to tap existing/regular donors instead of trying to generate fresh donors via posters/campaigns and preaching.

Provide a platform for information management between Blood Banks/ Hospitals for effective distribution management in terms of emergency handling or stock utilization.

Provides a platform for predictive analysis and hence potential demand scenarios based on previous data points.



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