Reduce the Effect of Climate Change in Kathmandu City

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Background: Nepal is landlocked country and located between two rapidly growing economies of India and China, Nepal cannot escape the rapidly increasing influence of climate and global changes.

Shop keepers sell locally made cloths to people and there is no mechanism to collect used garments for recycling or redesigning or reselling for charity. Nobody use used cloths due to availability of cheap clothes from China. Therefore people throw the clothes in Bagmati and Bishnumati Rivers. People also throw these used clothes in the wastage bin which ultimately go on throwing millions of tones of clothinginto landfill every year.

Objective: – To promote clean green city in the Kathmandu Valley.

Objectives – To collect unusable dresses recycle and make sanitary pad and mattresses


  • Collect unusable dresses from each household
  • Wash all dresses
  • Crushed them for mattress and sanitary pad
  • Make mattresses and sanitary pad sent to school

In order to undertake these activities, a team of sufficient community mobilizes and climate change expert will be recruited and trained.



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