Reducing Carbon Emission and Traffic on roads

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Bangladesh has a booming middle class population whose incomes are increasing. With that rise in income they are demanding more convenient and comfortable solutions to problems that previously they did not consider. One of them is the need for better and more comfortable mass transport system. Public transport with their dinginess, uncertainty of getting seats and the mentality of stuffing as many passengers as is possible is proving to be an inconvenient mode of transport for them. With the introduction of UBER many from the middle and the upper middle income have adopted this solution in exchange for the age old auto-scooter that they previously used. However even with discounts UBER is more expensive that public transport and auto-scooters. On top of that the more cars and vehicles that are on the streets the more it contributes to ever increasing traffic congestion on the streets of Dhaka, a problem that for many becomes unbearable when it eats away 4 hours of someone's day in the commute. Then there is also the global issue of climate change and the carbon emissions that these vehicles are responsible for.

Given the current situation, a very obvious solution for people in Dhaka seems to be an app driven bus and micro-bus service for this massive group of users who want to pay a slightly higher price (but not as high as UBER charges) for a much more comfortable, prestigious and certain solution.



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