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Nigeria currently holds the title of the most populated country with people living under extreme poverty. The UN report " Multi Dimensional poverty Report 2015" placed Katsina at 82.2% of it's population living under extreme poverty. The International Journal of Advance Studies Jan 2016 titled "Women Enterprenuership as a panacea to poverty alleviation in katsina state" attributed this to poor business growth & access to finance by women. REEBA is addressing specific needs and wants of micro enterprises in Garment trade owned by women in katsina state with focus on high priority issues such as financial inclusion and access to fund gap.

Value proposition

A social value driven enterprise using a hybrid model channelled specifically to women who are garment makers. We do not only deliver business development Service. Upon need assessment, we discovered 4 out of every 5 in our clients have little or no savings, lived under a daily consumption of USD 3.20 and have survived in this manner for averagely 5 years due to low household income.

We offer both social and economic benefits using business fights poverty model by developing a long term savings scheme where they save for themselves, channel these savings to investment, health care and education insurance for their children.

Our model is tailored to assist and create value to to transfer business knowledge, skills and information on various business activities both financial and non financial assistance.

This is achieved by helping them become more profitable, develop quality products, access to market, soft loans to manage their business efficiently using training and entrepreneurship capacity building assistance.



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