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Nigeria currently holds the title of the poorest country in the world. The statistics compiled by the world poverty clock June 2018 indicate that the north western part of the country, sadly  Katsina houses 82.2%, the report further revealed. REEBA is addressing specific needs and wants of MSEs in katsina state with focus on high priority issues such as financial inclusion and access to fund gap. 

Our model is tailored to assist and create value to MSEs, transfer business knowledge, skills and information on various business activities both financial and non financial assistance.To deliver social value, we work with MSEs in clusters, understand their challenges and develop a savings scheme which helps them save and invest for the future and contingencies.

Our target market is in katsina state, Nigeria working with micro and small enterprises in rural communities. Reeba improves the livelihood of master craft persons (SMEs) by introducing, savings, health and education insurance schemes for them and their household using block chain technology.  Which is achieved by helping them become more profitable, develop quality products, access to higher market, managing their business efficiently, training and technical assistance.



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