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Reeddi sustainably provides clean and reliable electricity at a price point that every African can afford. Our proprietary energy generation and distribution technology system integrates smart data harvesting and analytics technology. Our customer-centric, locally structured business model allows us to affordably provide electricity to Nigerians and Africans. Operating a hardware-as-a-service model through our energy system ensures customers pay an affordable daily rental fee to easily access electricity.

From personal experiences of countless cases of blackouts and brownouts, supported by the results of an extensive study of over 200 Nigerians presently lacking steady access to electricity, our unique solution was thoughtfully designed with a clear understanding of the Nigerian energy market.

In Nigeria, there are several limitations inundating existing supplementary power generation solutions like off-grid microgrids, solar home systems (SHS), diesel and petrol generators. However, Reeddi’s novel solution relieves users of mobility, cost, payment, flexibility constraints that ordinarily arise with using other energy-generating options.

Our innovation targets individuals and small businesses living in rural and urban African communities where accessing reliable and affordable energy is challenging.

We generate revenue through daily rental fees, commercialized data harvested as customers use our technology, and paid advertisements through the surface of our systems.

Our innovation significantly contributes to positive environmental sustainability by innovatively providing clean, reliable, and affordable electricity to individuals and organizations operating in the energy-poor regions of the world.

Internal studies conducted by our team shows that a Reeddi energy distribution system (Capsule) offset over 160kgCO2 from the present expensive fuel-based energy systems.

Our systems also offset more than 6Kg of toxic pollutants from exiting energy systems when the customers rent the Reeddi Capsule to provide the same quantity of energy.

Our systems are designed to be simple, easily accessible and easy to use saving customers associated emission and hazards that comes with sourcing fuels for diesel-generators.

After the end of life of the reeddi systems, the capsules are recycled for 2nd life application in grid-level storage systems. When compared to existing energy systems which are discarded after usage cause landfills and damaging water bodies, Reeddi systems boost the circular economy and prevent associated waste that comes from using batteries.

Reeddi proprietary systems also enhance the efficient consumption of generated energy, thus reducing associated emissions that come with wastage or in-efficient energy usage in other energy systems.



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