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Wind energy is available 24/7  and hence suitable for finding a solution for rural  global clean energy access and improve living conditions . The challenge is urgent due to increasing population and dwindling resources.   This is mainly because small existing wind turbines face a number of basic problems affecting their utility. There are many types of wind turbines designs but they operate only when wind velocities of around 5 m/s are available. This wind velocity is not available at all locations all the time due to obstructions such as buildings and trees. . Small wind turbines require a solid roof or elevated masts to catch more wind. The alternative is increase the size of the blades which makes them unsafe for domestic use. Furthermore, existing wind turbines cannot attract prevailing winds for more reliable operation and energy conversion..


Concepts based on natural designs have provided us with solutions for sustainable products in the past. Tornado-type wind turbines have been around for many years as an effort to provide a more reliable wind energy for customers but with little tangible success. Tornadoes have a dual velocity  which must be combine or proper simulation. We utilize a  Canadian patent pending method which simulates the tornado effect using rotating cylinders by suitably combining the dual velocities in a single operating unit. Rotating cylinders have a circular shape and therefore operate more efficiently with vortex flow than conventional  flat blades  used in existing wind turbines .Th vortex flow generates a low pressure to  the turbine which in turn attracts prevailing winds to insure constant high wind velocity  herein for more reliable wind power conversion. Moreover, the natural design  reduces the number of moving parts. Our wind turbine therefore has the potential for rural and assembly and we plan to sell it as a kit which can be put together in villages for local job creation.




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