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Poultry farming in Kenya is mostly practiced is small scale mostly for domestic consumption. Poultry farming is the raising of domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. In the advent of frequent food shortages and fluctuating prices, many farmers both in rural and urban areas have embraced the commercial poultry farming methods to help be more food secure and transform their lives. These farmers are classified in the following categories:

  • Between 1 – 1000 birds: small scale farmers
  • Between 1001 – 10,000 birds: medium scale farmers
  • Above 10,000 birds: large scale farmers

The most prevalent poultry farming method in Kenya is chicken farming although a small number of farmers rear other types of birds. There are those farmers who specialize on rearing only chickens for meat (broilers) and others specialize in the chickens for eggs (layers) while others specialize on rearing the Kienyeji type (indigenous chickens where both cocks and hens live together). 

Broilers are the chickens reared for meat. In Kenya both individuals and companies engage in broiler farming. Some of the large scale companies that engage in large scale broiler production are Kenya Meat Packers, Kenchic Limited and Brade Gate Poultry Industries. These companies supply meat companies locally and abroad.

Our target is to start as medium scale farmers with a production of 6,000 chicken and eventually increase our production and rearing capacity to over 12,000 chicken. This will see us increase in size in terms of infrastructure and production. We have land of about 0.5 Acres on which this can be done with a holding capacity of over 12,000 chicken.

Our partnership is to work with Quality Meat Parkers Limited(QMP) with a farming memorandum in which they supply I, the farmer with chicks and feeds and upon maturity they buy the birds from the farmer. This thus creates a ready market for the farmer and leaves the task of rearing the birds with the farmer with an assurance of ready market.



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