Renewable energies as a sustainable solution for agroecological practices

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My project is about an Hybrid system that includes biomethanisation and solar energy. 

The biogaz will be produced from different types of waste (domestics, breeding and agriculture). This gaz will be used not only for cooking but also for direct lightening through biogas lamps and producing electricity.  The liquid effluent that comes from the biodigestor is treated with an aquatic purging plant (Pistia stratoites ) and a physical filter. The cleaned water returns to irrigation or/and raising fishes and fowls platforms   etc... The aquatic plants at their maturity are composted in a Transtraw and used for soil restauration and consequently for bio-products production in agroecology platform. All the waste that come from the plants, fowls etc return to the biodigestor: that's a cyclic system. The solid effluent from the digestor  is used as a compost after stabilisation.One has at the end of the process a gas (methane), two types of composts and a cleaned whater.

For their conservation, the products are dried by means of a thermic solar dryer before sale.The solar thermic energy is also valued through a conceived reduced systems for irrigation. A water pumping system (made with photovoltaic solar energy) is needed on the site for general use. 

This hybrid cyclic system is profitable at three points: 

- Economically, the products are sold and benefit is made without buying anything like fertilsizer and pesticide. Even the waste provides free and domestic clean energy for households in rural areas and  farms. 

- Ecologically, the environment is protected by avoiding toxic gases through reducing fossil energies and the use of compost. 

- Socially, peoples health are assured by avoiding bad effects of chemical products and will eat well, and by having more economical resources. Then, Energy becomes Sustainable.



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