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Walden’s Greenergy Solar, LLC is a renewable energy machine that is second to none; it is an patented invention- patent number 8,710,414 that needs to go to market, and this inventor is currently short on funds. The world needs and wants this much needed, and affordable invention. My instant goal, and plan, is to have the local people go into business for themselves, and hire the local people in the area to do the work for their own benefit. For this to work, I need money to get my control system to market. The control system is vital for everything solar, so this has to take place first. The transactions can take place here: Under Collections, Select Catalog; select desired item, add to cart and go from there. Payments are handled by PayPal. There are 10 items, on 2 pages there. Precision control of Solar Platforms is available to achieve maximum output of Solar Panels. My invention is also for wind and water; I know it will work, but just don’t know the efficiency. I need some Do It Yourself (DIY) people to get involved; they can buy my control system to use. Needed is Independent Contractor Sales People to take this invention to the world population. Please email me at: for any additional information. More on this later. This is on facebook: Hello: I contacted you for several reasons; all are good. I want to help people, and I need and want people to help me. Soon, I hope. I want to offer you an opportunity of a lifetime by investing in my company. Keep checking the following sites to be completely informed: And: This will give you the opportunity to use, and put my renewable energy invention to work for your advantage. My invention is all I have; I need you to help get it to market. Please ask to join Walden’s Greenergy Solar, LLC page, so as to receive the latest updates, and also spread the word to all of your friends; it will make you feel good. Please see: Please understand that I can only help you, if we help each other. Also, please understand, I only want to talk business; Politics, Religion and Other, are not currently on my mind, just making you aware of my invention, is the purpose of this invite. And, there’s no time for idle chat. Please see my video on Youtube: I need help. The good people of the world must get involved and help; I cannot do it alone. We can however, help each other. I need salesmen- would you like to be one? If you don’t have enough money to go into some kind of solar energy business on your own, I suggest you become an Independent Contractor; what do you think? There is no Salary, but a generous commission is in effect for the Independent Contractor position. If you want to be a commissioned contractor salesman, send me your email address. Or; Please Email Me: The global population is calculated to be 7.60 Billion people as of May 2018. Over 1 billion people, primarily in developing countries, still lack access to Electricity, and literally hundreds of millions more live with unreliable electricity. Moreover, 3 billion people worldwide are forced to rely on polluting fuels like wood, charcoal, and animal waste to cook and heat their homes. My invention can help alleviate those unbelievable numbers. Please visit: You will feel good about it.



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