Replate: Surplus to Sustenance

About Solution

Replate is a nonprofit working to reduce food waste and food insecurity by redistributing edible surplus food to communities in need. We do this by creating technology and activating community to reliably redistribute the surplus food to those experiencing food insecurity. We have created an online platform for businesses to easily request on demand food donation pickups and we take care of the logistics. Their donations are picked up by our Food Rescuers and matched with a partnered nonprofit who will redistribute the food to their community.

Our solution addresses the critical need of getting food to people in need while reducing the volume of edible food wasted and going to landfills, which will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We work with businesses that would previously throw perfectly edible food into the trash due to the lack of infrastructure available to get the food to people who could eat it. This has allowed us to partner with organizations who serve people who may be experiencing food insecurity to redistribute the food, thus extending the life of the food, nourishing the community from malnutrition, and combating hunger.

We are currently operating in major urban areas across the United States.



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