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Our built environment including buildings and physical infrastructure continues to rely on the linear “make, use, waste” model in which resources are taken from the biosphere, utilized and then disposed of. This makes the built environment one of the world’s highest raw-material consuming sectors and the largest source of waste. The building sector accounts for 23% of global GHG emissions, 50% of global waste and for high amounts of other environmental externalities, such as increased air, water, and soil pollution.

restado applies the principles of circular economy and urban mining to the construction sector by promoting the reuse of construction materials from leftovers and demolitions through a dedicated platform. There is a wide range of opportunities for reuse and recycling. For example, concrete can be crushed and reused in new construction, wood and bricks can be used as building components. Applying circular economy principles to the value chain of construction drastically reduces the volume of material going to landfill and entails considerable positive environmental impact in the reduction of waste and GHG emissions.

restado sees itself as a marketplace, allowing construction material to reenter the life cycle. It aims at establishing communities around the reuse of construction material starting on a local
and expanding to a national and potentially international level.

The potential of impact is huge: GHG emissions and waste from the production of construction material can be reduced by up to 50%, translating into a global GHG reduction of up to 12% and global waste reduction of up to 25%.



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