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We cannot hope for a sustainable development without peace,stability,human rights,and peaceful coexistence without strictly application of the rule of law.Yet our world is increasingly divided and it's mostly like everyone with his problems.some regions enjoy peace, security and prosperity,while lots fall into seemingly endless cycles of conflict and disrupting violence which must be strictly addressed.

Facts and figures 

By the end of 2019,about 70.8 million people had been forcibly displaced due to violence of human rights conducts.

There are at least 1.6 million stateless people who have been denied nationality and it's related rights and privileges.

The rate of corruption,bribery,theft,Sexual violence, embezzlement and tax evasion  is said to be at a rate of US$1.26 trillion.

Over 49 countries lack laws protecting women from domestic violence which has intense effect on about 1billion women's lives.

1billion persons are legally 'invinsible' because they cannot prove who they are.This includes an estimated 230 million under 5 kids whose birth were never registered.

Parental guidance and full support also goes a long way in building a society of less conflicts and violence.As a popular saying states.'charity begins at home' Parents should learn to treat their kids equally and make them see life as worthwhile so they don't find refuge somewhere else that could lead them to certain depression,drugs and nasty behaviors.The way they see themselves goes along way also.Margaret Mead states 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.Indead, it is the only thing that ever has'

Sexual violence,crime, exploitation are on a leading row when there is no well enforced law and regulations guilding a district,thereby putting the minor at risk of zero protection.Promoting the rule of law and placing the human rights at a high level of Prestigious implemention will help reducing the flow of illicit arms and strengthening the participation of developing citizens thereby making a well organized Nation

A quality education sector should be made affordable in all regions so as to reduce the rate of ignorance and illiteracy and enable effective knowledge of human rights and the violation consequences.Accordingto Malala Yousafzai,he States 'if you want to End the war then instead of sending guns send books.instead of sending tanks send pens.instead of sending soldiers send teachers.

Lastly peace and Justice isn't something that would just emerge in a jiffy.'Peace is a daily,a weekly,a monthly,gradually changing opinions,slowly eroding old barriers, quietly buildng new structures' John F. Kenny states.

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