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In Estonia our digital literacy is very high, which is why the contrast we see through our work with garment factories in Bangladesh is huge, specially in understanding how digital solutions could build efficiency of the processes. Specially when closing the loop of production waste and upgrading the value of leftover materials to new high-end fabrics, digital solutions can help along to setting up significantly more efficient processes, and involve people into legal supply chains of fashion industry who currently work under unofficial waste collection and trading system and earn half of official minimum wages. Our project provides online information platform to support garment production waste being collected, sorted and recycled to new yarns with proper information available for all stakeholders in those supply chains. Through our daily work we help building trust between the stakeholders in more open information exchange and trust in online systems to keep their information secure while bringing an increased business value for them from online communication. We focus first on Bangladesh & Sri Lanka, planning next pilots in Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Turkey, etc.



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