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Nowadays, we have a major issue with waste management.  In 2016, the worlds’ cities generated 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste, amounting to a footprint of 0.74 kilograms per person per day. With rapid population growth and urbanization, annual waste generation is expected to increase by 70% from 2016 levels to 3.40 billion tonnes in 2050. Because of how critical this issue is, we decided to come up with a solution for it.

Currently in Bahrain, there are some solutions but mostly are directed to collecting some recyclables & then sell them to companies who will recycle them abroad but our project aims to deal with all kinds of waste or unwanted objects.

As the saying goes, One persons junk is someone else's treasure. Our solution will provide a method to help companies or individuals to conduct their own recycling & waste management projects. This project will consist of a website & a venue. The website will help enable individuals to sell/give away & buy/get unwanted items or recyclable materials online. Then, any one could use these materials to renovate it or to produce new products and then sell them on the website. Also, it will have a feature to hold & attend environment related workshops online or on premise. In addition, the website will have educational videos & posts.

The venue will provide a place for individuals to recycle products using simple tools or machines.  Also, it can be used as workshops venue & a shop for recycled products & materials.

It will help to protect the environment, provide materials, provide job opportunities and raise awareness.



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