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The problems facing agriculture in Uganda have been some of the most well-funded projects with hundreds of millions of dollars in donor aid channeled towards its resolution. However, the approach used by these organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa was off the mark. The problem with the agricultural value chain is that the market is disorganized. Brokers are the largest beneficiaries and not the farmers. This means you cannot solve any problem without fully restructuring the market.

80% of food produced in rural areas gets consumed in urban places but the market is disorganized. At the same time, Uganda is importing 100 Million Dollars worth of food stuff. This implies a huge task ahead of trying to organize the market across the country. The main reason markets are not working here in Uganda is because there lacks a proper market infrastructure to support the urban population. As a result, produce goes bad due to massive delays at the markets. The cost of the same is passed on to the customer in terms of inflated food prices. For example the cost of a banana in Kampala which has come from Rukungiri or Bushenyi is the same as the price of a banana in London, which has come from Guatemala. This fundamental flaw points to an inefficiency that only technology can solve.

To counter the problem, Nampya Farmers' Market a business to business food distribution company that builds fair and reliable markets for agricultural producers and retailers through transparency, efficiency and technology, is bridging gaps in food and market security through an organized platform for an efficient, fair, transparent and formal marketplace. Using mobile technology to match supply and demand, aggregate market participants and finding buyers for farmers' producer, Nampya's platform allows farmers to be part and parcel of the globalization and commercialization of the food system.

Essentially connecting rural smallholder farmers to informal retail vendors in cities,Nampya reduces the supply chain by 60%. Farmers get higher prices and a guaranteed markets and more locally produced produce to reach markets, less food is lost to the land fill and more safer products get to our food system. This means the would be wasted food now translates in more income for the farmers, thus harnessing the economic potential of staple foods to grow rural prosperity. Thus, selling to local markets is now bankable to smallholder farmers.

As a fair, efficient, transparent and formal marketplace, that offers an exciting bridge between food producers and consumers, providing a mutually beneficial relationship across both ends of the food system, Nampya Farmers' Market is a one-stop shop for bulk buyers, so they are able to buy in bulk, at local wholesale prices, and with the security that what they want will be consistently available with better industry standards, farmers are getting control of business plans. And getting control of business plans means a significant improvement in livelihoods(e.g. Livelihoods) and revalued ecosystems so the resilient soils can sustain ecosystem services and Food Security.

While Nampya is looking to achieve a Fresh Food Fair Value Africa, our mission is to provide affordable, quality, and safe food to Uganda’s urban consumers, and reliable markets for farmers across the country.



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