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We started from a known problem: the increase in human population, expected to be 10 billion within 2050 that, as a consequence, implies the need to produce more with less resources. For agriculture, beginning to feel the issues related to climate changes , this means to produce 100% more food, consuming less resources. Today agriculture is responsible for consuming the 70% of one of the most important resources: water. 

We are building an IoT platform to monitor the soil and automate the irrigation in agricultural fields, saving up to the 50% of water used in watering processes. We have designed, developed and started to commercialize three hardware devices along with a software platform. The devices are

  • a soil moisture probe (R/Sense) measuring soil moisture at different depth,
  • a weather station (R/Station) monitoring rainfall, solar radiation, wind ecc.
  • and a solenoid valve (R/valve) which, integrated to the already existing irrigation system, makes it remotely and autonomously controllable.

The software platform integrates the device management (data visualization and valves control) with farms management features in a unique and easy-to-use interface. Our goal is to collect data from the devices and from the software platform to build Machine Learning algorithms capable of predicting the soil behaviour, optimizing the water usage by autonomously controlling the irrigation system. 



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