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RISE2030 ​empowers women and youth while contributing to Lebanon’s energy transition by providing sustainable education on renewable energy and employment in deprived regions of Lebanon.

The project has majority women in leadership and training in a sector where less than 1% are women in the general workforce. The project also launched in 2020 an all women team in solar. Working on 13 out of the 17 SDGs, RISE2030 aims at promoting and achieving justice, equality, sustainability, and peace.

This project provides high-quality vocational training, professional education and job placement to bridge the gap between supply and demand in the renewable energy labor market. In communities with low access to energy, the project trains, employs and installs systems to help create jobs and bring power back to people.

The initiative includes different components designed together to achieve rural development, individual empowerment, and decentralization of power. Embedded in communal partnerships between Lebanon and Germany to exchange experience on practical know-how, technology transfer and qualification concepts on solar energy across national borders.

The initiative focuses on improving prospects for underprivileged youth, refugees and vulnerable host communities in Lebanon, through education and integrated provision of services to provide employment opportunities and improve the basic infrastructure of local communities in the solar energy sector. The country faces constant blackouts and shortage in energy supply and solar energy installation are an alternative green solution to the shortage.

RISE2030 community members were trained and educated to design and install an on-grid solar photovoltaic system that would cover 100% of the facility's daily need for power. Qaroun Material Recovery Facility is a model for sustainable facilities, reducing waste volume, promoting circular economy, and running on solar. This is powered by a community of newly-skilled labor of young women and men, ready to hit the solar market! The The model can be replicated in different countries through an online curriculum, platform and partnerships. It is not only an educational project but also a rehabilitation of the communities at the same time.



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