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With the increasing urban population and the heavy rains that left crops in farms ruined, there is shortage of crops and as the rural areas will have a hard time feeding not only those in urban areas but also those in the arid and semi arid areas. The drought and famine seasons puts more pressure on the rural Farmers to produce beyond what their farms can produce. All eyes are on the rural areas to provide food for the country. Alot of land is also being used in development and development is going further into the rural areas ,turning them to urban centres. While we cannot stop such developments as building homes and apartment blocks, we can use the building to harbor farms .farms that cater for the occupants nutritional needs without damaging the structure of the building hence still safe. We provide garden boxes and farm management for such in order to ensure maximum production of food. Garden boxes are clean to use compared to vertical bags which are also another option we provide for our clients. We also prepare hanging gardens for those structure owners that want the most out of their structures. Hanging gardens are done on the verical walls and are as productive as the horizontal traditional gardens. Most apartment blocks in Kenya have flat roofs and are nowadays being turned to places where people can just relax and pass time. By using these garden boxes in urban areas , food from the rural areas is stored and preserved for times when there is prolonged famine. The garden boxes not only provide food for the tenants but is also a source of income for the structure owner.



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