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I am submittinganproposal for road safety education of road users under UN SDG 2019-2030 strategy.I had been serving in Police especially Traffic/Highway Police since 2002 where I served in several traffic related departments/branches that include National Highways and Motorways Police in different provinces and KP Traffic Police. I remained the Road Safety trainer for ICT Police and Punjab Traffic Wardens at their initial stages. Out of this tenure I served as Deputy Superintendents of Traffic Police in KP (Peshawar) for 04years on deputation, where I introduced a new traffic system after 01 year of continues work. As I was on deputation to KP traffic Police that’s why I could not spent more time there but still I think there is urgent need of support to upgrade this system and expend it.

The concept of road safety covers many departments and fields but in my opinion the main field for Road Safety in the traffic Police and general road users, that if receive the support of international donors , may reduce the road Traffic accidents and incidents.

Being the Ex-Deputy Superintendents of Traffic Police in Peshawar I observed, that traffic Police and general public can play a major role in this project .Although we have another department in the name of Transport but if we go into details it only deals with bus and parking stands, structure of vehicles and allotment of rout permits under MVO 1965/1969 and it has no concern with traffic management and control of traffic violations.

But on the other hand traffic police has maximum deployment over the roads and directly concerned with road safety which refers to methods and measures for reducing the risk of a road user using theroadnetwork for being killed or seriously injured. The road usrsinclude pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, their passengers, and passengers of on-road public transport, mainly buses etc. Almost 35% of deaths due to road accidents are recorded in South East Asian countries.

I have skilled to train traffic Police as I have provided the same training to different traffic Police departments and have recently established traffic wardens in kp/Peshawar. I hope you will find me suitable for this position.



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